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A document used to request permission to use radio communication with the National Telecommunications Commission must use the document?

1) when purchasing radios and must permit use of radio communication. To obtain permission from the Telegraph Department. Called "license" the license fee. Each machine 535 baht (incl. 7% tax) valid throughout the lifetime of the machine.

document used to request permission.

If a company/corporate documents that must be used as follows:

1) photographic certificate of incorporation are ready to sign and seal (all pages)
. 2) photocopy of the identification card and/or Manager with authority.
3)Letter of authorization (with seal and stamp certificate installation: 10 cents) (In the case of a store or person instead)
4) fill out the request form 2. snatch (FTTH) The number 1 source.
5) Notice No. lb. Radio communication (numbers, symbols, image khrut).
6) license fee 535 baht/per machine.


If buying more than 1 245 CB radio communication machines.

(Both individuals and legal entities).

Radio communication with the National Telecommunications Commission must use the document?

Documents required are as follows:

1) Copy of the certificate (for those who have never done) or student card, old amateur radio license that has expired.
2) 1-inch Picture
3) License fee 214 baht per person.
4) 50 baht per year penalty case exceed the expiration date of the card.
5) Letter of authorization with 10 stamps baht symptoms.

What customers need to do is.

1) An edition of radio brands and shopping frequency.
2) Notification of the National Telecommunications Commission number and numbers (numbers with symbols khrut)

Supporting documents required permit documents required station area?
1) Copy of house registration
2) Copy of ID card
3) Letter of authorization with 10 stamps baht symptoms.
4) Certificate of the company (in case of a legal entity)
5) License for 1070 baht per machine.
6) location map of radio communication.

Steps to get required authorization do?
1) Customer document preparation (see details above)
2) Preparation expenses (fees that must be paid to FTTH)
3) For power of Attorney To stamp the number 10 baht per subject
4) Fill the document with permission use radio communication (snatch. 2).
5) Fill in the form, power of Attorney, store.(Download form.pdf)
6) Transfer funds to merchants to be paid to the National Telecommunications Commission (actual costs)
7) Prepare the envelope with envelopes to customer self-service with cash 30 baht. (For license delivery/receipt back to the customer).
8) The store is the subject, and in a hurry. Contact for all types of telecommunications with the National Telecommunications Commission.
9) When the store operation is finished ... There will be sent a license document radio communication with the saret.
Postal customers, based on where the customer has the receipt/envelopes. Receipts will be issued on behalf of the National Telecommunications Commission.