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Distribution services, radio communication, peripherals, accessories.
How to order?

To order by phone, call to order a radio during office hours.

Telephone 66-2530-6639, 66-2539-6382 Mobile 668-6778-0044 ,668-6455-1040

The case has received Customers can easily pick up items at the Office during office hours.

Monday to SaturdayTime 8:30 – 18:00 ** Closed every Sunday and Holiday

How to payment?

1.Via Bank

Company : Feelcontact Co.,Ltd

Category: Bangkok Bank: Daily Flow

Number: 230-302-9470 Branch: ChokChai4

Note *** If you paid already. Please call to confirm payment

(To be confident before every payment please call first)

2.Cash In the case of delivery of goods with the Mayor in Central and in the vicinity of major or pick up items yourself at the Office.

3.Bill parcel destination Transfer the customer to pay for the shipment. Item charge, the program uses the payment at the post office near home.

4.Payment by credit card. ( Coming Soon )

EMS shipment, please transfer the money before 16.00 hrs.

To keep up with cuts around the parcel to rotrani of that day to get a regular period ware (ChokChai4)

** After the money transfer has been. Please FAX at Tel. 66-2539-6382**


Free !For shipping

Provincial customers. The company will deliver postal EMS/COD

1.delivered via postal parcelWhen payment is made in accordance with the terms. The restaurant will prepare a delivery Monday-Friday
Time 16.00

*If not received within 5 working days, please call to check with the post office, postal parcel status monitoring Thai.

2. Collect on Delivery When the transfer of pay slips. Customer waiting to receive Folio ware from the post office within 1-3 business days for parcel number to pay for your nearest postal items.

If you do not receive the parcel number. The customer can check the number of links.


3. Messenger Delivery(Bangkok and Vicinity)Order before 12: 00 noon can be delivered. Order after 12: 00 for delivery in the next measure only Monday through Saturday.

4. Bus Delivery from the bus Station

5. Logistics External

* The company will continue to ship after receiving payment or bank transfer only, and shipping takes 2-3 days.

** The terms of guarantee according to the item's details.